Fantastic Scraptastic

This weekend I was at Scraptastic 2011 in Belgium with my friends Haggith and Liesbeth:

Unfortunately Haggith had to go home on Fridaynight, but Liesbeth and I got to stay in this hotel:

I don’t have any photos to show for it, but we attended three awesome workshops from three wonderful teachers: Donna Downey, Céline Navarro and Nathalie Kalbach. We had diner with our sweet friend Birgit Koopsen and we got to hang out with Daphné and my brand new myStampBOX colleagues Isolde and Els! We also met a couple of silly Danish girls, which was a lot of fun!

On Saturday afternoon we went sightseeing in Gent. The weather was beautiful and we had a great time soaking up the sun, photographing and shopping:

And if that wasn’t enough, by far the best part of the trip was a visit to a wallpaper store… Not any wallpaper store, but Behangpapier Priem!

Visiting this store had been on my wish list for I don’t know how long… And being there was all I imagined and then some! I went home with three wonderful vintage rolls of wallpaper and I can’t wait for (at least one of ) them to go on the back of one of the bookcases in my craft room!

11 thoughts on “Fantastic Scraptastic

  1. wat een fantastisch weekend was het weer! veel te vlug voorbij, serieus afkicken vandaag
    tot volgend jaar! Daphné

  2. Sounds you had a wonderful weekend! I’m a bit jealous, if i might say so :) i spent mine in bed and on the couch, feeling miserable from the operation! And to top it of i got sick too! So i can’t wait to hear all your stories and see what you’ve made… it will certainly cheer me up!

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