I tried…

But I didn’t get THE call yesterday, so it’s safe to show you the projects I sent in for the Tattered Angels DT call. I love Tattered Angels products and even if I feel somewhat stupid for thinking that I might be Angel material, I am really, really glad I took this chance to create with all the wonderful Glimmer Mists, Glimmer Glam and Glimmer Glazes that I have on hand.

7 thoughts on “I tried…

  1. You were not stupid at all- your work is amazing girl! I fell mostly in Love with the cute Angel! All your entries were amazing- but it is just an aweful lot of entries and things to consider! So do not be sad….one day the shoe fits ;) Love!

  2. o my good heavens, girl!!! JE BENT WEL ANGEL MATERIAL!! (hoor je me nu schreeuwen? klopt: doe ik ook :). je werk is zooo gaaf, je layout is zo stunning, wowza! en dat canvas. kan ik nog wat van leren! en dat engeltje. mijn hemel, ik maak peer-grobbebol-kerstboompjes…. dusss. chin up, 2012 kick some ass girl!

  3. welkom in de alternatieve engel-club, je vleugeltjes liggen klaar :D
    als ik jouw entries zie, dan ben ik bijna beschaamd om de mijne op mijn blog te plaatsen. Hmmmmmmm


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