Dutch Dare: Q & A

The new Dutch Dare is live! As of now, I am no longer part of this fun group of Dutch girls, but I wanted to play along anyway, by way of saying goodbye.

This month Petra is asking us to interview ourselves…

1. If you could built a house, where would you built it?

2. What’s your favourite piece of clothing?

3. In love, engaged, married?

Photo: Studio Soest

4. Your favourite place and your least favourite place?

At home?

The living room is my favourite, the shed… not so much!

5. At what time do you get out of bed in the morning?

Without setting the alarm: between eight and nine.

6.  What makes you angry?


7. If you could play an instrument, what would it be?

I’ve had piano lessons as a child, but I know that at the time a guitar seemed much more fun.

8. Favourite colour?

9. Favourite children’s book?

10. Favourite season?

11. Least favourite household chores?

12. If you have a tattoo, what is it?

Non applicable.

13. What do you always carry in your handbag?

14. What do you prefer: sushi or hamburger?


15. The question you would like to ask.

Uhm… Is there something you’ve always wanted to ask me? This is your chance… Leave me a comment!

7 thoughts on “Dutch Dare: Q & A

  1. Hi Marsha, ik zal je gave werk missen :( en vind het enorm jammer dat je de DD verlaat… Dat je op deze manier toch mee hebt gedaan aan deze dare vind ik heel bijzonder, dank je wel daarvoor.
    Liefs, Petra

  2. PS: Ik heb op het Dutch Dares blog (op jouw vaste plek in de rij) een link naar jouw post toegevoegd, dan ben je er deze keer toch nog “gewoon’ bij !!!

  3. Wat heb je dit ontzettend gaaf gedaan! Leuk om op deze manier “een kijkje” in jouw leven te mogen nemen. Jammer dat je Dutch Dares gaat verlaten. Je maakt echt heel mooie dingen. De dames gaan je vast en zeker missen!

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