Hello again…

Wondering were I went? I am still here… Busy as always… Working on a lot of projects for publications… Trying to hold on to the little mojo I have left… Getting a haircut… Walking to work… And wishing for more sunshine like I’ve seen today!

I’m not even going to try and recap December and the majority of January. Although some of it was pretty good, let’s just pretend these months never happened, OK?

Speaking of publications though… On Saturday the latest issue of Scrap365 landed on my doorstep:

And as it turns out, this month’s Sketch Challenge is based upon a lay out by… me! Go and check it out if you are looking for a scrapbook challenge. Closing date is 17th February 2012.

And while you are on the Scrap365 website, check this out too. Last month’s bonus content included one of my lay outs!

So… Now that I’ve dusted off my Macbook, I’m planning to post again this week. Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Hello again…

  1. Hoi, blij weer iets van je te zien. Mooie layout van Harald en jou in Scrap365. Ben jij ook met iets bezig voor CmF?

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