Do not disturb

I’m reading a book… And I’m pretty certain I’m going to finish reading it this time!

I believe I haven’t read a book (fiction) through to the last page in about three years. I used to read all the time and my theory is that it came to a halt when I lost my job (I used to swap books with my colleague Heleen, who is an avid reader) and my daily train commute to work stopped. But to be honest: the introduction of unlimited access to Internet and e-mail via smart phones may also have something to do with it…

Anyway, this one will be read until the very last letter. I’ve rediscovered my ability to enjoy a good book thanks to the first Dutch Twitter reading group @leestweeps, (which prompted this sudden urge to read again) and I’m so glad I did!

2 thoughts on “Do not disturb

  1. Lekker dat je weer in het lezen van een boek kunt verliezen. Het onderwerp spreekt me ook aan.

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