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Tree in my front garden (April 27th, 2012)

Saved by the bell… This month almost went by without any blog posts. I’m pretty sure that this has never happened before in the 5 year history of this blog.

Queen’s day with my mom in Enschede (April 30th, 2012)

I didn’t mean this to happen, but in hindsight I really needed a blog vacation. In fact, I need a vacation from everything else too and I’m working on that part. The first quarter of 2012 was crazy busy… as was most of 2011… and I can’t keep that up anymore.

Visiting Liesbeth in Voorhout (May 2nd, 2012)

I actually realized this about 6 months ago when something happened that was beyond my control, but that had a big impact on my personal life. I’ve been cutting back on the design teams, saying no to magazine opportunities and trying my best to regulate my assignments at work ever since. This month I finally feel like I’m, slowly but surely, getting back in control.

Liberation Day (Bevrijdingsdag) with Harold in Zwolle (May 5th, 2012)

Sure, I still have assignments to do, there are still days that I feel really down and I expect that I’m still going to have to deal with really, really hard things in the next couple of months, but… this month I made a conscious decision to live in the moment and to have more fun.

Quite a few good mail days (May 2012)

So instead of blogging, instead of locking myself up in my craft space to work on assignments and instead of feeling overwhelmed by a mile long To-do-list, I made time to see friends and family, to have fun, to read, to have barbecues with my husband and to just have the time to think, to look, to hear, to listen.

Random happiness (May 2012)

It felt good.

8 thoughts on “Around here

  1. I’m sure it did feel good and it’s really good for you. Stress is a terrible thing that robs you of your health. Do things on your own time scale whenever possible and enjoy life and living.

  2. Goed dat je een pas op de plaats kon doen voordat het te laat is. En helemaal fijn dat het je goed heeft gedaan en je er weer tegen aan kan. Pas goed op jezelf.
    Lieve groet,

  3. Lieve Marsha, fijn om weer wat van je te zien/horen. Go with the flow ……. en geniet.
    Lieve groet, Rieëtte

  4. Stress is a terrible thing! So take it easy and do the things that feel good and at the phase that feels good. Hugs!

  5. Blij te horen dat het beter gaat . Geniet van jouw deeltje herwonnen vrijheid en verzorg jezelf goed. Ik heb in ieder geval heel erg genoten van je foto’s :)

  6. Fijn om te lezen dat een timeout je goed heeft gedaan. Ik miste je blogposts maar goed dat je de beslissing nam om rustig aan te doen. Take care … lieve groet Mariska

  7. Leuk dat je nog steeds meeleest bij mij. Ik zie dat jij ook even een break hebt gehad, wat een leuke/mooie foto’s heb je geplaatst. Fijn dat het beter met je gaat!

  8. Heerlijk he om even wat stappen terug te doen, je hebt groot gelijk want een balans in alles is erg belangrijk ! XOXO

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