Last week I suddenly realized I started this blog five years ago today. Five years! Somehow that doesn’t sound that long. It certainly feels much, much longer than that!

I think I initially started to blog because then I would have a place to collect things. That way I could show not only projects, but also photos to my colleagues without having to drag everything to work.

Just days after I wrote my first post, I was chosen to join the DT for Piens Atelier (a local scrapbookstore that has now evolved into Pienuts) and all of a sudden the blog also became a way to communicate with other scrappers.

I loved it! And I still do, even if I put it on the back burner in the recent past. Anyway: I’m happy and thankful for all of you that read my posts and I want to celebrate this with a little bit of an impromptu give-away.

Leave a comment below and I will draw a winner on Thursday, June 14th. I don’t have a prize ready, but let’s call it a care package, that I will assemble especially for you!

Happy Sunday!

7 thoughts on “Five!

  1. Hiep hiep hoera! Gefeliciteerd! Ik kom hier dus al een hele tijd langs…..

  2. Hej Marsha,
    Wat ontzettend leuk, gefeliciteerd. Ik heb even teruggebladerd naar je eerste maanden als blogger, geweldig leuk hoe je daar al met fotografie bezig bent en daarmee al een verhaal verteld. Het grappigst vond ik dat je in 1 van je eerste posts al een foto van voeten hebt geplaatst ;D Go girl, you rock!

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