Stay-cation list | No. 10

Ah, the To-do list! Well, some of the things that I really wanted to cross off are still on there… And then some of the things that have been on there indefinitely… are now miraculously gone!

Things like:

  • Repairing a hole in the wall and then paint that wall a new colour (Credit: Harold)
  • Fixing a lamp to the same wall (Harold again)
  • Getting rid of books that I love, but will never read again
  • Finally visiting a crafty market (Seriously… what took me so long!)
  • Buying lamps to hang from the ceiling
  • Buying a window cleaner with a telescope handle (…)
  • Sending out happy mail
  • Starting to read the next Twitter bookclub book
  • Getting a new SD for our compact camera (Yay, now we can finally take more than 10 photos at a time with it!)
  • Getting a couple of 8mm films to a place that will transfer them to DVD’s
  • Visit another scrapbook store (Hey… that wasn’t on my To-do list?!)


Stay-cation is officially over, but you can re-visit the list here.

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