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Inspired by: Snow White and the Huntsman

Snow White and the Huntsman Official Movie Trailer 2 [HD] 2012

After seeing Dark Shadows and creating with that film in mind, my friend Riikka and I decided to give it another go. This time we made sure we had both seen the trailer though, before we chose the film!

Again, I found that seeing a film with the purpose of seeking creative inspiration makes a lot of difference on how I experience the film. Snow White and the Huntsman is loosely based on the classic Snow White story. This means that some elements are predictable, but it tells a different story than the fairytale you might suspect. I saw the film together with Harold and while I left the cinema typing everything I wanted to remember into my iPhone, Harold left the cinema wondering if the ending meant what he thought it meant.

I gathered from the trailer that the film would not disappoint in the visual department and I was right: I have written down so many points of interest that I could easily do another ten to twenty projects based on this film alone. The costumes for instance were so intricate and detailed: the queen wears a different crown in every scene!

The funny thing is that directly after seeing the film, I had a vision about what I was going to make… Something that would involve cross stitching, lots of layers, lots of details, dripping paint, some kind of gold disc and black feathers… And instead I ended up with this:

The layers stayed, as did the gold disc and the dripping paint…

The gold disc represents the magic mirror in the film, the leaves something I remember seeing in the jewellery or in one of the gowns. The colours match the colours of the original kingdom: red, blue, yellow, the blueish grey comes from some of the scenes and the black splashes from the scenes in the Dark Forrest.

The quote doesn’t have anything to do with the film, but it caught my eye on Twitter last week: my word for 2012 is ‘Trust’.

You can see what Riikka created after seeing the film here on her blog.

While Riikka and I had an awesome time doing this challenge again, we think it will be fun to change things up a little bit. The next challenge will not involve a film, but something else entirely. Keep your eyes on our blogs for that!

Where do you find creative inspiration? Have you tried creating with a specific film in mind?

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