A is for… August

I know, I know… the photos are too small. But I assure you: Liesbeth and I had a blast, even if the temperature was too high to walk around in a city like we did. Yes, we have the blisters to prove it…

You can take a closer look at some of the photos on Instagram (marshavalk) and you can see some of Liesbeth’s awesome photos here. I’m also pretty sure some (if not all) photos will appear in or on a crafty project!

Best BBQ ever, beautiful new beads and a new book to read.

Shopping for a new couch and not yet succeeding, Geisha chocolate and unfortunately conjunctivitis

Delicious food.

A new issue of Scrap365 magazine came out last Friday and among other cool features, there’s an article about embossing powder in there that I think you might like!

Flat tire… Yes, this is the before. And it’s currently still very flat… :-(

Grocery shopping of course.

Haaste[el]Lista, hydrangea’s and hot summer days. Yes, that’s the one and only Haaste[el]Lista lay-out I made. And I’m not even sure for which challenge I intended it. Doesn’t matter: I had fun doing it, although I’m not quite sure if I like the outcome…

IKEA, what else!

Handmade jewellery, only partially made in PJ‘s wonderful craft studio, because I just couldn’t make up my mind…

Meet Katarina… She sent me beautifully detailed pieces of art and a stunning postcard, along with the chocolate I mentioned before, all the way from Finland!

Sparkling water with mint and lime juice.

137 of Harold’s childhood marbles moved from a big tin in the attic to a large bowl on our dining table.

Crazy nail polish.

I loved watching the Olympics. I hardly ever watch sports on TV, but I always seem to make an exception for the Olympics. Kind of sad that those two weeks went by so fast!

Worst photo ever of the best popsicle ever: Moon Pops. Liesbeth and I tasted them in Antwerp. They’re delicious!

A quote to think about…

Cool rosé on a hot summer night.

I am so bad at Song Pop it’s not even funny. It’s not that I don’t know the songs… because eight out of ten times I do! The worst thing is that I forget to turn ON the sound of my phone before I start a game… regularly!

T is for… 24kitchen. No photo (yet), but after the Olympics this became my new soundtrack. And I don’t even like all of the cooks/presenters…

PJ and I went shopping (for beads and other jewellery stuff) in Utrecht. There was a big screen at the railway station, where you could watch the Olympic Games.

The view from the MAS.

What’s app messages from my husband.

And the X is for you, if you made it all the way to Z!

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  1. Lieve Marsha, wat ontzettend leuk en creatief weer gedaan! Ik ga ook maar eens wat met al mijn foto’s doen als ik dit zo zie….. X

  2. wat een leuke post! Moeilijk he, banken scoren! Dat en lampen vind ik het ergste. Succes verder!!!

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