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October is promising to be a very busy month and it has the potential for lots of fun! First thing on the agenda is:

I’m looking forward to the workshops, to spending time with Birgit and to see some of the Belgian and Finnish girls again!

My Finnish friend Emmo is hosting a blog series about scrapbooking styles. Every weekend she introduces a different scrapbooker and their specific style and preferences. It’s an interesting read and it’s also a wonderful chance to get to know some of the most talented Finnish scrappers!

It was Riikka’s turn last week and if you are quick, you can still participate in the weekly challenge that is also part of the series!

Talking about Riikka… She has something extraordinary up her sleeve for December! Now I really do know that’s not part of October… But I can’t wait for the Creative Christmas Calendar to start and I’m so honoured that she asked me to be a part of it!

Nathalie Kalbach announced that she is also going to make an appearance in the Creative Christmas Calendar… and I’ve just signed up for the latest instalment in her ÜberMedia series. It’s all about acrylic ink, a medium that I own, but that would love to use more often! Definitely looking forward to that!

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