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Last Friday the package delivery guy left a big pizza box by my front door. I was lucky that the box didn’t get soaked in the rain, because it contained a couple of lay-outs that were published in Scrap365 magazine last year!

I’m pretty sure that I haven’t shown any of these lay-outs here before. I haven’t been very good in photographing and uploading all the published pages, but there are a few more that you can view here on Flickr.

120620MV_Scrap365_JournalingDiscuss1120620MV_Scrap365_JournalingDiscuss2 DSC_9932

There are a couple of my lay-outs in the latest issue of Scrap365 magazine too! If you’d like to check them out, there is info about buying single issues or Scrap365 subscriptions here!

Feb Mar 2013 Cover

3 thoughts on “Published in Scrap365

  1. Mooie lo’s! En wat leuk om weer eens ons weekend weg terug te zien, wat lijkt dat alweer lang geleden.

  2. Gaaf al je lo’s en ik heb je artikel in scrap 365 gezien en vind vooral de lo met al de tag foto’s erg leuk!

  3. Gaaf hoor dat je in scrap365 staat! De lo’ zijn echt super! De eerste is mijn favo….mooi met de grote foto en zo kleurrijk!

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