IS 2013: First project finished!


A week and a half ago today I took a plane to Helsinki to attend the Intohimona Skräppäys 2013 event. I didn’t bring my camera, so I only have iPhone photos to proof it:


In Helsinki my solo adventure continued with a speedy bus and an interesting subway ride to Rastila station, where Riikka was waiting for me!

There were a couple of hours to chat, drink some tea, exchange gifts, get settled and to have a quick meal before classes started.


The first class I took was the Empowering Scrapbooking class by Emmo. It was all about using scrapbooking as a device to help you cope with feelings and insecurities on the one hand and celebrate yourself and the roles you play in life on the other hand.

Emmo did a great job translating everything for me and it was fun to hear her explain stuff about different (spray) inks in Finnish. Turns out the crafting language is pretty universal, because I understood perfectly :-).


Next was Riikka’s 1-2-3 Mixed Media class. Don’t be fooled by the empty space around her, because the room was jam-packed with people. Maybe that explains why I only managed to take exactly one crappy picture! (Sorry Riikka!)

I had fun though, because we learned three easy but effective background creating techniques. I created a total of four backgrounds, one of which I used to back-up the lay-out I started in Emmo’s class!

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