Crazy (OLW #72)


I love the One Little Word challenges… I still remember back in the day when Liesbeth and Haggith used to play a long with e v e r y single word. And when Revlie (to me) was just this super cool Dutch chick that was on the OLW-team…

I think I entered only a couple of times. It seemed so out of my league back then! But I felt gutted when the prompts stopped, because it’s such an awesome concept. The challenge of just creating from one simple prompt and having the freedom to do whatever comes to you (with no required materials and/or colour combinations!) is what I enjoy most of all.

I was really happy to see Ronda Palazzari recontinue OLW last year. And of course I promised myself to play a long this time around. But you know how it is: other commissions and challenges always needed to be finished/completed/send in first and before I knew it, another month had gone by, and another, and another…

Anyway, at Art Fusion, I got to hang around with Revlie for one whole day. We talked and talked (and learned and created of course!) and she reminded me once again to check out OLW… So I did. And even better: because I’m on top of my assignments right now, I assigned myself some ‘free’ time and I created a lay-out with the latest word: CRAZY!

I think I made at least five different background pieces in the process, so you could say I really have gone crazy with this prompt. It was fun!

I still dream of going back and ‘do’ all the words. I don’t think I ever will, but it sure is nice to know that there is a list of words that I can go to if I ever get stuck and need inspiration! So check it out: One Little Word!

5 thoughts on “Crazy (OLW #72)

  1. Woei! I remember those days! Photography is totally absorbing all of my attention right now but who knows! Someday I might even start creating again!
    Love the new blog layout though – I haven’t been around for way too long! (insert blushing face).

  2. Geweldige lo Marsha! Ben net bezig met poging 348 om van het nagelbijten af te komen dus dit is een goede motivatie ;-)

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