Quality time (Dutch Dare #104)


Yes! The new Dutch Dare is up and I can finally show you this lay-out that has been ready f o r e v e r!

When Yvonne revealed this Dare to us a couple of months ago, I wasn’t sure what to think of it, but somehow the monochromatic theme got stuck in my head. I just couldn’t let it go: I had to act on it right away!

It turned out to be much easier than I had imagined. All I needed was a bunch of different green papers from my box of scraps, one of my square punches and a jar of Mod Podge.

OK, OK: I also needed gesso and green spray ink to do that watercolour technique that I’ve learned from Anna-Maria Wolniak and that I’ve used over and over again ever since… I even deliberately tried NOT to use it for a couple of lay-outs, because I found it highly addictive!

This one was obviously created before I made that decision. The verdict: I still like the look a lot! So I’m not completely sure I’m cured now… We’ll just have to wait and see!

Anyway: be sure to check out the Dutch Dares Blog if you like the monochromatic theme. I seriously think it brought out the best in all of us!

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