Happy Sunday!


Enjoying a particularly quiet Sunday at home. I think all the neighbours have gone to the beach or something… It’s THAT quiet!

I was composing and scheduling the Inspired by post that is coming up this week and it occurred to me that I never just share things here any more… I’ve gotten into the habit of instagramming iPhone photos ‘in the moment’ and it feels kind of silly to post the same ones here again, as they are already out there.

You are of course welcome to follow me on Instagram, but now that I’m already here, I might as well post a photo of one of the pretty peonies that I’m currently enjoying.

I’ve been buying flowers regularly this year. I’ve never done that before, not on a (bi)weekly basis anyway. But I do now! I enjoy them immensely and the house just doesn’t seem to feel as welcoming without them.

So, there you have it: a totally random photo. And a random fact. On an extremely sunny and quiet afternoon.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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