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Hello and welcome to Nathalie Kalbach’s Elephant March Stencil Blog Hop!!!

Nathalie designed an awesome range of stencils for Stencil Girl Products and now she’s hosting a series of cool blog hops to show case them!

The star of this particular blog hop is my absolute favourite… Elephant March:


What can I say… I love this stencil!

I’ve loved it ever since I first got a sneak peak of it in Nathalie’s art journal during the Art Fusion mixed media event. And I may have jumped for joy when Nat invited me to be part of it’s blog hop…

This stencil is different from any of the other stencils I have, because, well… it’s an elephant. And all of my other stencils are more of the background pattern variety.

But… there is more to this stencil than meets the eye! Just look closely at that fabric cover: that’s a background pattern! Or the stripes of the elephants skin… those are going to add great texture to loads of pages!

Nathalie is giving away one stencil to a lucky winner! All you have to do is to leave a comment on her blog hop blog post. But… if you want to boost your chances, I recommend you comment on each of the blogs along the hop, because Nathalie will give you an entry into the give-away for each blog you comment on!

The give-away will be open until September 18, 2013 – midnight EST.

Here are the links to all the blog hop participants:

Nathalie Kalbach

Carolyn Dube

Maria McGuire

Jessica Sporn

Can’t wait to see their blog hop projects, but please let me show you what I created with the Elephant March Stencil first!

I had a couple of things in mind before I started creating:

1. I wanted to create a canvas

2. I wanted to push myself, so the canvas had to be larger than my usual (small) formats

3. I wanted to use gold paint

4. I wanted to use neon colours

5. This song:

… which has nothing to do with the canvas, except that it was my earworm during preparations for this blog hop. The video is worth the watch though! It would definitely have affected the outcome of the canvas, if I had seen it beforehand!

I bought the largest canvas they carried at a local “cheap” store (50×70 cm/approx. 20″x30″). I started prepping the canvas by glueing down random scraps of (tissue) paper and fabric, covering it all in gesso and once that was dry: spraying the whole surface with gold spray paint.

I had bought the spray paint at the same local “cheap” store I got the canvas and although the canvas was exceeding my expectations, the can of spray paint was not. Not enough pigment, people! Note to self: definitely invest in quality spray paint next time.

I went on from there… I was having way to much fun to document a real step-by-step, but you can get an idea of the layering from these snapshots I took a long the way:


And here’s the end result:


Stencils used: Nathalie’s Elephant March Stencil, Crackle Stencil, What’s The Point Stencil as well as Jessica Sporn’s Bubbles Girl Stencil.

I assure you that the pink elephant is in reality neon pink! The canvas also has a wonderful golden sheen that’s really hard to capture on camera:


Thank you for visiting me and a huge thank you to Nat for inviting me to play along and be part of this stencil blog hop too!!!

Enjoy the hop and don’t forget to comment for an extra chance to win the Elephant March Stencil!

52 thoughts on “Blog Hop | Nathalie Kalbach’s Elephant March Stencil

  1. Just stunning! I love the effect you got with the tissue paper and spray paint — looks like Indian fabric and those elephants — BEAUTIFUL!

  2. This is such a great version and I love how you thought of all kinds of ways to use the stencil

  3. What a fun and colorful canvas using the Elephant March stencil! I could see this canvas hanging in a child’s room or nursery. I can’t wait to try out this wonderful stencil!

  4. Your canvas is amazing – I keep seeing new bits of interest, colour and texture each time iI look! The bright colours are so fitting with a decorated Indian elephant. I love it!

  5. Seeing your large canvas, with all that texture and colors,….flashback….visiting circus with my four kids! Grandioso! just a word for it: splendiferous!…

  6. Love this! Makes me think of song, “baby elephant walk” from the movie “Hatari”.

  7. I am amazed how many different techniques and looks can be made with one stencil! This is just beautiful.

  8. Love that stencil, so versatile. You did a great job of using the stencil and I love the pink elephant.

  9. I never remember to use stencils on canvas. Sometimes I get stuck doing the same thing. Your came out great. Thanks for the reminder.

  10. Fabulous job! Love all the layers and colors you used..and of course that amazing elephant stencil’s a must have!

  11. wow thats really neat. love all the colors and all the different elements on this canvas. You can tell you put your all into this piece. love it

  12. I can almost hear the parade in your head with those happy elephants!! That paint wasn’t a waste at all – your project was perfect!

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