Do (OLW #75)


DO you, DO you, DO you wanna… I apparently have a ear worm thing going on, because this is the song that started playing in my head every time I saw this month’s One Little Word on my planner. It’s Lynn’s turn and she chose the word ‘DO’!

There are about a million other songs I can think of with the word DO. Besides: I DO stuff every day, all the time. I have a To DO-list a mile long. When it comes to work, I hate having nothing to DO. I’m a DO-er.

The Dutch word for DO is ‘doen’ and once I made the translation, the word led me to the book title ‘Dromen, durven, doen‘ (‘Dream, Dare, Do’). It’s a Dutch management book Harold highly recommends, but that I’ve yet to read. In other words: this page has nothing to DO with the book, but…

I’m as much a thinker, a dreamer, as I am a DO-er. It’s what I tend to DO in the mornings when I’m home alone. It’s what I tend to DO when I’m at my desk thinking up blog posts. It’s what I tend to DO when I’m in the passenger seat in the car (while Harold drives).

I dream and I DO… But I’m not much of a dare-devil. At all. There is no ‘Just DO it’ in my book. I always, a l w a y s need to (quickly) think it through first.

But daring is the action that takes you places… Daring made me end up on the One Little Word-team in the first place! It has taken me abroad, enables me to make new friends… I need it to turn my dreams into actions. And this is exactly what the page is about. It’s about what I need to DO to turn my dreams into actions.

Visit the One Little Word blog for a peek at what the other girls created! And while your there, leave them some love… or even better: link up your own creation with the word ‘DO’!

3 thoughts on “Do (OLW #75)

  1. Wat een mooie lo en wat een mooie persoonlijke journaling. De foto past er perfect bij. Mijn complimenten


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