Work (Dutch Dare #107)


There’s a new Dutch Dare online and this time it’s all about work!

I interviewed my husband about his weekend job as a DJ a while back and I decided that the interview would be perfect for this challenge. Harold has a full-time job during the week and he DJ’s at the weekends. He loves it!

I added the text directly onto the photo before printing. To achieve this, you open a photo in Photoshop and create a text box in the photo using the Type tool. You can choose to either type your text directly into the box or you can copy and paste your text in (like I did). Using a text box makes it really easy to scale and move the typed text in it’s entirety. And then it’s just a case of deciding on a font and font size and hit print!

This is one of those layouts that will be fun to follow up on in a couple of years!

Check out what the other girls created with this theme in mind on the Dutch Dares blog! We would love it if you decided to play a long!

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