Color (OLW #76)


It’s Word Up-day! This month’s One Little Word is COLOR (or COLOUR as I tend to write it).

I’ve been attracted to COLOUR all my life… and I think I either instinctively know what COLOURS combine well or I must have learned it from an early age on. I’m just not sure.

What I do know is that rainbow order never occurred to me until I read about it on the SISTV forum… Someone (I actually think it was Lisa Garay) had written down that ROYGBIV was her favourite COLOUR. And I was going: What? What?! What’s that?!

I Googled it of course… and never looked back. It’s like the alphabet for COLOURS. It’s the answer to all COLOUR riddles. I love it!

And it was at the root of this layout. I knew I wanted to do something in rainbow order… I was thinking a long the lines of the rainbow of COLOURS in my life. But then I went on a little hike with my mom.

We came back with a bunch of COLOURful autumn phone photos. And when I was looking at them on my computer, I saw that all the COLOURS of the rainbow where there! I even had photos of orange toadstools, but I opted for a photo of the signposts we followed a long the trail instead.

I created the background with waterCOLOURS, wrote the title (Autumn colours) on my tablet and cut it out with the Silhouette. I drew the little leaves freehand with a white Sharpie and I got out one of my oldest sets of alphabet stamps for the subtitle to finish things off.

Now go and check out all the COLOURful creations over at the OLW blog… We would love it if you played a long!

9 thoughts on “Color (OLW #76)

  1. I love this page marsha. The soft coloured background is beautiful.
    BTW I remember to have learned the rainbow order at school, and I never forget it.

  2. hoi hoi

    mooie layout zeg, echt gaaf met die kleuren op de achtergrond.
    Herfst is een mooie tijd met al die kleuren

    gr Thamar

  3. Thank you Cuchy!

    I think it probably was covered in school… It just somehow didn’t make a big impact on me. Or maybe I was sick the day it was taught? I have no clue how I missed it… LOL!

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