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Magic (OLW #78)


There’s a new word up at One Little Word and it’s an extra special word this time! I got to choose it… and I chose MAGIC!

2013 was supposed to be my MAGIC year. 2012 was a rough year and I was really looking forward to a year of everything miraculously going right. It would be the year I would make ‘it’ happen, whatever ‘it’ would turn out to be. All problems would disappear overnight, the wind would blow only fun and happy things my way and everything would just get better.

That was the kind of MAGIC I was thinking of at the beginning of the year.

But the reality is that I think that kind of MAGIC requires supernatural powers that I’ve yet to discover. So 2013 turned out an OK year for me… or even a good year. And I don’t know how you experienced it, but to me it felt like it wizzed by like someone had cast a fast-forwarding spell over it!

I’ve learned one trick though, that helps me find MAGIC even if it’s way to dark outside and I’m cold and I feel like none of my dreams came true all year… It’s called: looking back through my planner and browsing my photo files.

Because MAGIC often happens when you’re not paying attention. It can be found in lots of little things that you might not always remember after the moment is gone. It’s in a glance, a smile, a peaceful moment, time spend together… it’s in finding your mojo and creating up a storm… stumbling upon the perfect gift… hearing that special song… and in the glowing lights on the Christmas tree.

I actually found evidence of quite a few little things that MAGICALLY appeared in 2013. So even if this year didn’t turn out as spectacular as I had envisioned beforehand, I do realise not all MAGIC was lost!

And now it’s up to you… Head on over to the OLW blog, take a look at the DT’s wonderful creations and play along! We would love to hear about the MAGIC in your life!

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