Aspire (OLW #79)


I know, I know, I’m late to the party… This page has already been published over at One Little Word 10 days ago!

We would love it if you played a long! And you might have missed it, but this time if you link up your project, you have a chance of winning one of Jessica Sporn’s fun Stencil Girl stencils!

In my defence: even though there wasn’t much action visible over here… I’ve been going to to the gym and I’ve been taking long walks. I’ve been eating as clean as possible, cooking and baking (almost) everything from scratch. I’ve been decluttering and cleaning my house. I’ve been making travel plans. Tackling stuff that I’ve been putting off too long. And I’ve tried to limit my online time as much as possible…

Oh, and I’ve been reading. A(nother) book and some (new to me) magazines. That hasn’t happened in a long time!

I’ve also been thinking a lot. Because that’s what I seem to do every January. I think I somehow need it. Some down time. Being quiet and thinking and not taking on any projects. Sometimes feeling blue, but most of the time just not feeling anything in particular. Just being.

So I haven’t been creating much. I haven’t been feeling like creating. I felt like I had just used up every last drop of creativity I had in me. So I’ve been filling my creative well instead…

I did do a little something yesterday. I didn’t really want to do it, but I loved the process and the result anyway. Just a little bit of painty exercise with a Valentine’s theme. I will share it later on this week!

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