Love bird no. 2


After using paint on my last project, I couldn’t let the paint that was already on my palette go to waste… So I used it up on (a couple of) other surfaces!

I really loved the colour combo that emerged here and I was inspired to create something onto it right away. I took one of the laser copies from images found in (a now vintage!) Flow Magazine and cut it into a heart shape, applied it to the canvas with gel medium and let it dry. I was impatient this time around, so I started rubbing away the paper way too soon. My transfer was a terrible state…

I took my canvas to the sink and rinsed and rubbed the mess away. The transfer mishap had left a beautiful washed out heart in the middle of the canvas!

Once the canvas was dry again, I took another laser copy, cut it into a heart shape again and adhered it to the canvas (image side to the canvas) with gel medium. This time I left it to dry overnight, to be really, really sure!

Next day I sprayed the paper with water, let it soak in for a bit and started to rub away the wet paper. I applied a thin layer of Mod Podge over the image to get rid of any white residue.

And once that was dry I used markers to pretty up the edges of the transfer and to just have a little bit of colouring fun!


Materials used: canvas, paint, a laser copy of an illustration found in Flow Magazine, Mod Podge, Letraset Promarkers, Uni Posca markers.

Have you tried gel medium transfers lately? I would love to see what you created, so feel free to link up in the comments below!

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