Will (OLW #83)

There is a new Word Up over at the One Little Word blog! This time Sharmaine wants us to explore the word WILL.

I certainly could have come up with something more reflective with the word WILL in mind… But of course there was a specific song that became my ear worm as soon as I saw WILL appear on my schedule… So I just went with it!

I’ve been playing with paint, paint and even more paint in my art journal(s) again. It’s been fun! The best thing is that I can let go of expectations when I’m art journaling. There is no need to see a finished page in my head. Whatever WILL be WILL be…

Just slab a bit of paint here, glue something down there, try this new (to me) glazing technique there… It doesn’t have to become anything. If it’s ugly I can turn a page and try again. Que sera, sera!

I’m exited to see what my fellow team members created with WILL in mind. Go here to see what they made!

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