5 days in the life of… (1)

My awesome friend Revlie is doing a series of blog posts documenting 5 days of her life and on her third day she nominated me to follow her lead. How could I say no to her?! Besides: her 5-day series is a blast to read so I kind of begged her to continue the series after the 5 days are over… Let’s hope she does!

Anyway, I agreed. I think the rules are that I also have to nominate someone to play along each day. I didn’t get any more rules, so… If I’m doing it wrong, you can complain to Revlie about it. I’m just making up things as I go along!

So here it goes…

Day 1: Thursday July 17th, 2014

It’s a non-work day so I allow myself a slow start. As usual Harold has left me a pot of tea on the kitchen counter:


The rest of the morning looks like this:


Writing Morning Pages, making lists, drinking tea: I don’t journal every day, but I try. Most mornings are just too hectic.

Cleaning the bathroom.

Coffee and Facebook (and some blogs and some Instagram…)

My bike is my transport and I remembered it needed a little bit more air in the tires!

And then I did my make-up and took my bike to meet up with my friend Hellen for lunch:


After lunch Hellen went back to work and I ran some errands in the city centre. I bought a couple of make-up brushes, some incense, a couple of ramekins and then I cycled to a supermarket in my neighbourhood:


This isn’t my usual supermarket, but I like to go here every once in a while. The only problem is that I don’t really know my way around this store, so it took me a looong time to find everything I needed. I saw an interesting display in the meat section… Yes, those are shawls. In fact: there is jewellery too. Hmmm!

When I got to the cash register there was an elderly lady in front of me. She was giving the cashier a really hard time and she was holding up the queue that was starting to form behind me. She was genuinely being a p… in the b… Some elderly ladies are like that. I just hope that I don’t end up like that when I’m twice my current age… I can hope, right?!

Anyway: I rode my bike home. And found the contends of a pack of blueberries at the bottom of one of the bags on my bike…


I put the groceries away, washed the blueberries about three times and then decided to relax for a bit because I felt a headache coming up:


I treated myself to some strawberry and banana sorbet, made with the Yonanas. It doesn’t look as nice as real ice cream, but it tastes wonderful!


When I noticed a message about a plane crash on Facebook I decided to turn on the TV. I had planned chicory salad for dinner. Harold came home a little early so we ended up preparing the salad together.

After dinner we hopped in the car and we drove to the city centre to shop for a pair of new glasses for me. We went to a new-to-us store and I got to try on more than a couple designer frames:


Harold apped all these photos to my brother so we could have a ‘second’ opinion. I’m not going to share which one I’m going to get just yet… You’ll have to wait and see!

When we were done, we walked over to the Italian ice cream parlour to get some real ice cream!


Harold also bought a new pair of jeans and then we celebrated the wonderful summer evening with a drink at the terrace of one of Harold’s favourite local clubs.

We turned on the TV again the minute we got home and we waited until the press conference about the plane crash aired:


Chills went down my spine when the spokes person mentioned the count of Dutch people on the plane… We went to bed with a heavy heart. Such devastating news.


Now I have to nominate someone! My first nominee is my dear friend Riikka. Who else! I think I have an inkling of how she spends her days… But I might be wrong. I hope I get to find out!

See you tomorrow!

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  1. I love these posts! Thank you for the nomination! I think I shall try to start documenting tomorrow as starting next week I’m on holiday (from work) and spend my days quite differently compared to normal days. It might take a while to actually get the posts done, but I think I should start tomorrow!

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