Evoke (OLW #85)


Remember the summer break mini album pages I created for Inspired by?

I’m still in love with Sanna Lippert’s wonderful background technique. I’m not sure I can stop using it… So the page I created for One Little Word this month is again heavily inspired by one of Sanna’s pages, published in the June/July issue of Scrap365.

The word Ronda wants us to work with this month is EVOKE. It made me think of all the ‘things’ that EVOKE ‘things’…

We all know that music can EVOKE memories of certain places or people or stories… and for some people it also EVOKES questions. Questions about the artist(s), about the year it came out or when it was a hit. Or whether it was a hit or not. Yeah… really!

Harold and I love to ask each other these kinds of questions and then check which one of us is right. Back in the day we used to look up the answers in books like the Top 40 Hitdossier… Now of course it’s just a matter of typing a key word into the Google search bar.

These days the questions mostly occur when we’re driving somewhere and there’s a song on the radio that EVOKES the questions. And that’s exactly what this page is about!

If you haven’t seen this month’s OLW post yet, you should check out the OLW blog. If you want to play along and create something using the word  EVOKE, link up there and you can even win a little something!

4 thoughts on “Evoke (OLW #85)

  1. Hi there, Marsha!!! I just by accident landed here while searching for something else with google and noticed my name there. I love your layout! and both the backgrounds look lovely and I feel very honoured that you got inspired by my tutorial!!! <3 <3 <3 sad thing is that I just now noticed that the link backs are definitely not working on my blog and I am now wondering if someone else has also linked back to me and I just never knew about that (*hope they forgive me*)… too bad I don´t know how to fix that problem …grmmpf… hugs to you, Sanna

  2. Oh, Sanna! Don’t worry about it! I’m glad you got to see it in the end though! Thanks for stopping by!

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