5 days in the life of… (3)

Day 3: Saturday July 19th, 2014

Saturday was a workday so I had to trade in my flip-flops for more sensible shoes. Got up at 08.00 h, got ready, had breakfast, prepared lunch and dashed off on my bike:


I took the scenic route to work, it goes through a pretty park!

Sorry, no photos of my work place. You can see my lunch, if you care:


I work at a local craft supply store, usually three days a week. This week I worked there on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday.

It’s always busy on Saturdays, but it was 31 degrees Celsius inside, so there were definitely fewer people around than usual. Besides: the schools in our part of the Netherlands have started their summer break and a lot of families are already away on holiday.

When I got home, Harold was preparing a surprise barbecue:


We made this salad to go with the meat. It was way too hot to sit outside, so we ate our barbecue dinner inside…

After dinner I watered the plants again, cleaned the kitchen and then we drank coffee together.


I lurked around on the Cocoa Daisy forum afterwards. There was a Summer Crop going on and it looked like a lot of fun. I decided against participating that evening because my craft room was in a state and it was too hot to do anything about it.

So I wrote yesterdays blog post instead, edited the photos for this one and went to bed way too late.


Today I’m going to nominate my artist friend Willemijn. She specializes in beautiful, intricate mandala-type drawings and paintings. She loves to photograph too and although she’s not a scrapbooker, I think she might have a lot of fun documenting 5 days of her life in detail. I hope you play along Willemijn!

See you tomorrow!