5 days in the life of… (4)

Day 4: Sunday July 20th, 2014


I woke up at 5.30 and could not get back to sleep. So I went downstairs and had breakfast at 06.15…


Then I went upstairs again and thought I would take care of my messy craft room.

I had already started going through boxes of memorabilia last week, so I thought I might as well sort another box. It was a fun one: things like cards and messages that were sent to my parents when I was born, cards that we sent my grandmother from various vacation addresses, Christmas cards that we created and sent as a family.

I’ve put them in sleeves in a binder for now, so I can find them in an instant when I figure out what I’m going to do with them.

I took a break from sorting to drink coffee and to watch the two episodes of Eastenders that I missed last week.


Returned to the craft room to finish the job!

Harold woke up and decided to fetch a couple of croissants from the train station. His breakfast. My lunch.


Once again back into the craft room, but this time to do what it’s intended for:


This is the page I shared here yesterday.

We didn’t feel like cooking or eating much, so we had melon & serrano ham for dinner:


After watching the news (we’re still following everything MH17), I didn’t have to water the plants because of the rain. So I went back upstairs to continue playing with watercolour before going to bed!


Today I’m going to nominate Denise. She’s part of the One Little Word DT. She’s an incredible scrapbook/mixed media artist. She was the one who inspired me to pick up my watercolours this Sunday. And she created the Spotify playlist I’ve been listening to all weekend (fact: it’s still playing)!

See you again tomorrow for the last day of my ‘5 days in the life of… !