5 days in the life of… (5)

Day 5: Monday July 21th, 2014


On Monday morning I got out of bed, hit the shower, got dressed etc. and opened all the windows to let some of the cooler air come into the house.

The tea was already waiting for me. I boiled a couple of eggs, but didn’t feel like eating one so I grabbed leftover blueberries and a banana instead:


Then I grabbed my journal and wrote for a while.


I had to do some folding, because the laundry I did a couple of days ago was still sitting there…

It was almost 12.00 by then and I had to get ready for work. I made an egg/cheese sandwich and ate it in a hurry:


And then I couldn’t find my work keys, so I left the house without them. It was raining… I saw a lot of people shelter under trees and rooflets, but I had to keep on cycling to get to work on time.

At work I discovered that I had my work keys in my (new) bag…

Again no photos from work. Monday is administration day, so that’s what I did. I also took care of ordering and of course I helped customers.

At approximately 15.15 the power went out. We could see that the lights in the stores across the street were out too. Our register is power operated, so my manager decided to close the store. She talked to some people on the street. Other stores were closing too.

One woman had called the electricity company and they had said it would take at least two hours before the power would come back on… So my manager sent me home. Through the rain… again.

Harold had the afternoon off work, so he was already at home when I arrived.

I put another load of laundry into the washing machine and we decided we’d better take care of our weekly grocery shopping right away:


For dinner we had a summery bean dish:


Watched the news, followed by Harold reading a book, me checking Facebook and stuff online. I also watched an episode of Eastenders. Then I went upstairs to take care of the laundry and to prepare for a 4-day illustration summer course, before heading to bed.


This was fun! My conclusion after 5 days of sharing my life? I seem to do a lot of laundry… LOL!

No, that’s what it looks like, but I know better. I had to do things in advance because I knew I would not have time for them this week. My household chores are on hold this week because of the summer course. Besides: when you have irregular work days like I have, you need to do stuff when you can do them and that means that sometimes I do a lot of chores in a row.

I also think that this was a funny week to document because the temperatures were very high. I have a feeling things might have been different if it had been cooler. Anyway: it will be nice to do another ‘5 days in the life of…’ in the future!

I still need to nominate someone… And this time I’m nominating YOU. I’m inviting you to play along and document 5 days of your life in photos. If you accept the invitation, I hope you share your photos with me! I would love to learn more about your life!