Aglow (OLW #89)


There is a new word up at the One Little Word blog! Jessi wanted us to think about the word AGLOW.

If you are Dutch and you Google translate the word, it might get you on the wrong foot. In English it makes much more sense:


adjective \ə-ˈglō\

: glowing with light or color
: very excited or happy : feeling or showing excitement and happiness

Now when you look at my page, you might still think I’ve misunderstood…

The butterflies are a reference to the book I’m reading. ‘Flight Behaviour’ by Barbara Kingsolver is in short about a colony of Monarch butterflies appearing in an unexpected place. When it is introduced into the story, the butterflies make a forest seem on fire: … ‘every tree aglow’.

To create this page I drew a butterfly, scanned it in and used it to create two patterns in Photoshop. I printed one pattern onto watercolour paper and coloured that in with markers.

The other pattern was printed on vellum and coloured with Ecoline (on the back of the print, because the printer ink will run when in contact with fluids). The vellum buckled a lot, so I used just a few tiny drops of glue to adhere it to the watercolour paper.

I finished the page off by adding the text ‘Revlie-style‘.

I’m curious about what the others have created with AGLOW in mind. If you want to play along and create something using this word up, please share your link at the One Little Word blog! We look forward to seeing what you create!

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