Sing (OLW #91)

Marsha Valk | OLW: Sing

There is a new word up at the One Little Word blog!

It’s a special word for me this time, because I not only got to choose it, but it actually ended up my word for 2015… Here’s the story:

January 1st 2014: I read this blog post by Katie Fox. The post was about how she didn’t believe in new years resolutions but that she felt she needed ‘a new song’ for the new year. She quoted the U2 song ‘40’:

I will sing, sing a new song

The concept is simple: we all have a song to SING, a voice to be heard and if you crave change, you need to change the tune.

So when it was my turn to choose a word and I realized it would be the first word of the year, I did not have to think about it. It had to be SING!

Fast forward to December. As always, I was brainstorming on a new word for 2015. I wanted it to be a happy, positive word, related to feeling fit and energized, to confidence, freedom, growth… I kept switching words. None of them seemed to fit the bill.

But then… I started to prepare for this word up. I thought about what SING meant to me:

I love to SING. Out loud… I’m pretty sure it’s not (always) in tune. But I don’t care and frankly: I couldn’t stop it if I wanted to. It just happens without thinking!

Whenever I’m happy, content, in the flow… I SING. When I feel a bit down or tired, I turn on the radio and I will be SINGing along in no time, making myself feel better and more energized…

Hey! What?! Wait a minute! What was it again that I wanted in 2015? How did I want my word for 2015 to feel?!

So there you have it: SING. Not just this month’s OLW, but also my word for this year.

I aspire to letting my heart SING (more) in 2015 and I hope you will do the same!

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  1. Marsha – I just love what you wrote about “Sing.” I, too, love to sing, as does my daughter. So it was quite a joy to be inspired by this word. Love your LO with the teal and the red, and your affirmation for the year!

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