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Marsha Valk | n*Studio: Say It Like You Mean It
It’s my turn on the n*Studio blog today! Which means that it’s time to share last month’s project with you here!

Say it like you Mean it

Last month the assignment was ‘Let your unique voice be heard and tell us what’s on your mind. Be bold. Be yourself. We all have something to say and sometimes we need to shout it!’, using Nat’s Stroll Through the Hood #1 Cling Rubber Stamp Set.

Uhm… yeah. There was a lot going on when I was working on this page.

I mean: there is always a lot going on, but we had our national election day on the exact day my page posted on Nathalie’s blog, so there seriously was a LOT on my mind.

And… current affairs in the US weren’t in the forefront.

This caused a minor problem, because The Stroll Through the Hood #1 set (though I adore it!) wasn’t the most suitable stamp set for speaking my mind then and there!

So what was I going to do? I didn’t want to make another ‘I don’t want to’ spread. So I decided to turn off my mind and let the theme and the stamps do the talking.


Each time I read the theme ‘Say it like you Mean it’, I had a bad case of ear worm: the song ‘Sewn’ by The Feeling instantly started playing in my head. And that made me think about songs that fitted the New York City feel of the stamps.

‘I can’t see New York’ by Tori Amos came to mind.

I wasn’t sure if either song was a good fit, but they certainly were on my mind, so I decided to go with both songs.

You can read about my next steps in this post on Nathalie’s blog: Say It Like You Mean It – Marsha Valk.

And just in case you want to see what I have up my sleeve for the April n*Studio Creative Squad theme… Here’s a link to the new blog post too: Live Like it’s Spring – Marsha Valk!

Materials used
RubberMoon – n*Studio Stroll Through the Hood #1 Cling Rubber Stamp Set
RubberMoon – n*Studio Stroll Through the Hood #2 Cling Rubber Stamp Set

Watercolour paper (Canson Mix Media Imagine)
Black waterproof ink (Tsukineko StazOn Jet Black)
Waterproof fineliner 0.2 and 0.5 (Black)
Watercolour set (Winsor & Newton)
India Ink (Royal Talens)
Paint marker (uni Posca marker PC-5M black)
Sakura Koi Coloring Brush Pen (Black, Deep Yellow, Light Cool Gray)
Graphite pencil

Please note that though a couple of these materials were given to me, I will not benefit from sales generated by the links!

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