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A to Z StencilGirl® Art Journal Collaboration & Challenge

StencilGirl® Products A to Z Collaboration and Challenge

Hi there! Hope you are doing well!

From about March until now I’ve worked my way through a handmade journal as part of the StencilGirl® Products A to Z Collaboration and Challenge organised by StencilGirl® columnist Tina Walker.

For this challenge, all of the participants were asked to fill a journal with an entry for each letter of the alphabet.

The idea I had for this journal was inspired by a book that I read and loved about 15 years ago: ‘Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life’ by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.

I’ve kept a journal like it before years ago, in a small address book that I had accidentally purchased. I used to keep it in my bag to write down ‘random stuff’ per letter on my train commute to and from work.

A lot of it was overheard conversation, observations, small things that caught my eye or that were on my mind. Sometimes I added little sketches.

I wish I could have had all of that this time around, however, it turned into a home edition of an ‘A to Z of Ordinary Things’ due to you-know-what.

As this was a collab for the StencilGirl® Talk Blog, the only stencils we were allowed to use were stencils by StencilGirl® Products. All of the other materials I used were my own choice.

Watch the video above for a quick flip through of the journal!

Tina’s column about the collab is up on the StencilGirl® Talk Blog today.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Please note that I’m also a columnist for the StencilGirl® Talk Blog, so though I did not receive any compensation for participating in this collaboration, the majority of the stencils I used to fill the pages were previously given to me or purchased at a discount!

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