Adventure (OLW #82)


The new word up on the One Little Word blog is ADVENTURE.

I didn’t have this assignment prepared before I went to Version Scrap. I was thinking I could make an art journal page, or maybe a scrapbook page about a little everyday adventure. And then the weekend trip to Paris came up and it turned out that the Universe wanted me to document a brand new ADVENTURE instead.


As if travelling to Paris on my own wasn’t ADVENTUROUS enough, I found out at the airport that my flight was overbooked. This was at 06.15 in the morning and clueless me was still hoping I would make the flight. Instead I was one of the five people to miss it. I was booked on a second flight that would depart 1,5 hours later. It didn’t depart until 10.00 o’clock… And all this time I was telling myself to please stay calm and to not freak out!


Fortunately because of the flight delay, I was able to text with Riikka (who by this time had just arrived in Paris) before I had to turn off my phone. I was supposed to meet her at the airport in Paris, but now at least she knew I wasn’t going to be there on time.


When I finally got to Paris, I quickly found the train station. I had to get a train ticket, but found that there were three kinds of machines… I had to go to the info point to find out which one I needed.

The guy at the desk not only pointed me to a green ticket machine, he also took his time to find out which train I should take (which I actually already knew, but he didn’t like it when I tried to interrupt him, so I kept my mouth shut…). When I stood in front of one of the green ticket machines, it turned out that said machine only took credit cards and coins. I on the other hand had a purse full of fresh bills and no credit card…

I found a money changing machine… that didn’t work. I kind of gave up on catching the train and went to the ticket office to stand in a very long line… All was not lost though, because although the line was impressive and the ticket sales persons weren’t exactly friendly, they were fast!

The train rolled in almost immediately after I had set foot on the platform. But… the sign on it didn’t read the destination I needed to go to. There was no other train… And my train was supposed to depart in the next two minutes. All the other tourists occupying the platform were looking as clueless as I was! So we all took the chance. Fortunately it turned out right!


I paid attention to all the stops, just to be extremely sure I wouldn’t miss the stop I needed to change to the metro. I didn’t and I miraculously found the platform to the connecting metro line without any problems.

When I got to Vincennes, the promised little train that supposedly took visitors from the metro stop to the venue wasn’t there. I didn’t see a stop for it, so I decided to walk. I knew it would take me approximately 25 minutes, but I didn’t know it would involve dragging my suitcase (small one on wheels) over various dirt paths, that had a variety of stones sticking out of them…

I finally made it into the venue just before 01.30… I was so sure I was going to miss my first class, Birgit’s class… I had been sure of it from the moment I had learned that my flight was overbooked at 06.15 that morning. But… I miraculously made it! And if it hadn’t been for a lady at the entrance having an argument with the woman at the desk… I would have been EXACTLY on time. Birgit hadn’t even started her class when I came in. It was unreal!


And all this was only the story of the first morning! This trip was full of observations and ridiculous situations. I wanted to record it right away!

I thought it would be fun to be ADVENTUROUS with my documenting method too. I wanted to incorporate the supplies and class projects I gathered during the trip. It took some time to figure out how… but I think I’ve got it. I bought a Snap album and I mixed the pocketed pages with the tags from Birgit’s class, the mini book pages from Magda’s class and I’m also going to use the covers I made during Françoise Melzani’s class.

I still think the idea that pocket scrapbooking makes everything quicker and easier is a misconception… I’ve only just about finished the pages for the first day.

It’s not a pretty book either. It’s a mash up of everything. But I like that. It’s just as confusing as the trip was, with loads of writing, artsy stuff and towards the end there are going to be loads of pretty pictures of Paris!


As you can see, it’s still in progress. I’ve got the pages for day two planned out and I keep all the photos and memorabilia for day 3 behind one of the Snap album tabs that I’m going to take out later on.


I hope you enjoyed this peek into my process and I’ll be sure to share the finished pages with you in the near future!

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Calm + Dream (OLW #80/81)

There are not one, but two new words up on the One Little Word blog today. To celebrate we have amazing prize packs for four random winners, who will be selected for playing along with us this word up. You can pick CALM, DREAM, or both. Find out more about the prize packs and how to participate on the OLW blog!

One of the prize packs includes the April/May issue of Scrap365 magazine, kindly provided by Traplet Publications:


This is a very special issue for me, because one of my lay-outs made the cover! It’s the tiny green one at the top, just above my friend Riikka’s red one!

Back to the word up(s)… Here are my contributions:


Art journals are the perfect place to talk some sense into yourself!

And although art journals are a good place to DREAM too, once there is a photo involved I usually end up with a scrapbook page…


Now head on over to the OLW blog, look at the wonderful variety of projects the team has created and show us what the words CALM and DREAM inspire you to create! We would love to see!!! Good luck!

Aspire (OLW #79)


I know, I know, I’m late to the party… This page has already been published over at One Little Word 10 days ago!

We would love it if you played a long! And you might have missed it, but this time if you link up your project, you have a chance of winning one of Jessica Sporn’s fun Stencil Girl stencils!

In my defence: even though there wasn’t much action visible over here… I’ve been going to to the gym and I’ve been taking long walks. I’ve been eating as clean as possible, cooking and baking (almost) everything from scratch. I’ve been decluttering and cleaning my house. I’ve been making travel plans. Tackling stuff that I’ve been putting off too long. And I’ve tried to limit my online time as much as possible…

Oh, and I’ve been reading. A(nother) book and some (new to me) magazines. That hasn’t happened in a long time!

I’ve also been thinking a lot. Because that’s what I seem to do every January. I think I somehow need it. Some down time. Being quiet and thinking and not taking on any projects. Sometimes feeling blue, but most of the time just not feeling anything in particular. Just being.

So I haven’t been creating much. I haven’t been feeling like creating. I felt like I had just used up every last drop of creativity I had in me. So I’ve been filling my creative well instead…

I did do a little something yesterday. I didn’t really want to do it, but I loved the process and the result anyway. Just a little bit of painty exercise with a Valentine’s theme. I will share it later on this week!

Magic (OLW #78)


There’s a new word up at One Little Word and it’s an extra special word this time! I got to choose it… and I chose MAGIC!

2013 was supposed to be my MAGIC year. 2012 was a rough year and I was really looking forward to a year of everything miraculously going right. It would be the year I would make ‘it’ happen, whatever ‘it’ would turn out to be. All problems would disappear overnight, the wind would blow only fun and happy things my way and everything would just get better.

That was the kind of MAGIC I was thinking of at the beginning of the year.

But the reality is that I think that kind of MAGIC requires supernatural powers that I’ve yet to discover. So 2013 turned out an OK year for me… or even a good year. And I don’t know how you experienced it, but to me it felt like it wizzed by like someone had cast a fast-forwarding spell over it!

I’ve learned one trick though, that helps me find MAGIC even if it’s way to dark outside and I’m cold and I feel like none of my dreams came true all year… It’s called: looking back through my planner and browsing my photo files.

Because MAGIC often happens when you’re not paying attention. It can be found in lots of little things that you might not always remember after the moment is gone. It’s in a glance, a smile, a peaceful moment, time spend together… it’s in finding your mojo and creating up a storm… stumbling upon the perfect gift… hearing that special song… and in the glowing lights on the Christmas tree.

I actually found evidence of quite a few little things that MAGICALLY appeared in 2013. So even if this year didn’t turn out as spectacular as I had envisioned beforehand, I do realise not all MAGIC was lost!

And now it’s up to you… Head on over to the OLW blog, take a look at the DT’s wonderful creations and play along! We would love to hear about the MAGIC in your life!

Grace (OLW #77)


There’s a new word up at One Little Word… Jessica choose the word GRACE for us to create with.

GRACE wasn’t an easy word to create with. I did some internet research and found two things that inspired me to do an art journal page: a fragment of my favourite Renaissance painting and a lyric by one of my current favourite bands.

Go here and see the wonderful things the other team members created! And while you’re there, link up your project(s) inspired by the word GRACE!

Color (OLW #76)


It’s Word Up-day! This month’s One Little Word is COLOR (or COLOUR as I tend to write it).

I’ve been attracted to COLOUR all my life… and I think I either instinctively know what COLOURS combine well or I must have learned it from an early age on. I’m just not sure.

What I do know is that rainbow order never occurred to me until I read about it on the SISTV forum… Someone (I actually think it was Lisa Garay) had written down that ROYGBIV was her favourite COLOUR. And I was going: What? What?! What’s that?!

I Googled it of course… and never looked back. It’s like the alphabet for COLOURS. It’s the answer to all COLOUR riddles. I love it!

And it was at the root of this layout. I knew I wanted to do something in rainbow order… I was thinking a long the lines of the rainbow of COLOURS in my life. But then I went on a little hike with my mom.

We came back with a bunch of COLOURful autumn phone photos. And when I was looking at them on my computer, I saw that all the COLOURS of the rainbow where there! I even had photos of orange toadstools, but I opted for a photo of the signposts we followed a long the trail instead.

I created the background with waterCOLOURS, wrote the title (Autumn colours) on my tablet and cut it out with the Silhouette. I drew the little leaves freehand with a white Sharpie and I got out one of my oldest sets of alphabet stamps for the subtitle to finish things off.

Now go and check out all the COLOURful creations over at the OLW blog… We would love it if you played a long!

Do (OLW #75)


DO you, DO you, DO you wanna… I apparently have a ear worm thing going on, because this is the song that started playing in my head every time I saw this month’s One Little Word on my planner. It’s Lynn’s turn and she chose the word ‘DO’!

There are about a million other songs I can think of with the word DO. Besides: I DO stuff every day, all the time. I have a To DO-list a mile long. When it comes to work, I hate having nothing to DO. I’m a DO-er.

The Dutch word for DO is ‘doen’ and once I made the translation, the word led me to the book title ‘Dromen, durven, doen‘ (‘Dream, Dare, Do’). It’s a Dutch management book Harold highly recommends, but that I’ve yet to read. In other words: this page has nothing to DO with the book, but…

I’m as much a thinker, a dreamer, as I am a DO-er. It’s what I tend to DO in the mornings when I’m home alone. It’s what I tend to DO when I’m at my desk thinking up blog posts. It’s what I tend to DO when I’m in the passenger seat in the car (while Harold drives).

I dream and I DO… But I’m not much of a dare-devil. At all. There is no ‘Just DO it’ in my book. I always, a l w a y s need to (quickly) think it through first.

But daring is the action that takes you places… Daring made me end up on the One Little Word-team in the first place! It has taken me abroad, enables me to make new friends… I need it to turn my dreams into actions. And this is exactly what the page is about. It’s about what I need to DO to turn my dreams into actions.

Visit the One Little Word blog for a peek at what the other girls created! And while your there, leave them some love… or even better: link up your own creation with the word ‘DO’!

Inspired by: Rijksmuseum


A little over a year ago Riikka and I were What’s App-ing each other about Paris*, watching films and seeking inspiration… It led us to doing a challenge and because the process and outcome turned out so inspiring and fun, this first challenge continued into a series of challenges we call Inspired by.

I can’t believe it’s already been a year! And I can’t even begin to tell you what Inspired by means to me… Just have a look at all the projects I would never have created without it:


And that’s not all… I saw films I wouldn’t have seen if I wasn’t challenged, I connected dots that only I could connect, I worked on stuff out of my comfort zone, I dealt with personal turmoil in the process, I was reminded of stuff I had forgotten about, I used supplies I had forgotten about, I also experimented with new supplies… I learned more about Finland and Finnish culture… For heaven’s sake: it even led me to sew something from a pattern!!!

* I just happen to read this in the first Inspired by-post. I had totally forgotten about that! The weirdest, funny thing is that Paris seems to be a reoccurring theme for me in this series… Seriously: Riikka and I already know next month’s subject and I’m 99,9% sure Paris plays a role there too! Sooooo… maybe the Universe is trying to tell me something?!! I don’t know…

What I do know, is that the perfect opportunity to celebrate our one year Inspired by-anniversary revealed itself when Riikka came over from Helsinki to attend Nathalie’s and Birgit’s Art Fusion. We got to spent a day in Amsterdam prior to the event and we paid a visit to the Rijksmuseum together with Elina and Minna.


(Photos by Riikka)

For this month’s Inspired by we agreed that we would each choose one ‘favourite’ work of art from the Rijksmuseum that day and let that inspire us to create ‘something’.

I chose this mesmerizing 18th century pastel on vellum (!) portrait by Jean-Étienne Liotard:


It really stood out to me and I love just about everything about it… The softness and the lightness, the colours, the materials, the motives, the Turkish attire, the look of the fabric, the braided hair… the folded bit in the top part of the art piece… Do you see those teeny tiny Chinese figures on the vase of pink carnations?!

It was wonderful to find out that Riikka had photographed it as well! Fortunately for you, you don’t have to settle for our crappy phone pictures: You can get a far better idea of the true beauty of this portrait at the Rijksmuseum website and if you want, you can also see some additional works of art that caught my eye during this visit to the museum here.

And here’s what I came up with:


I had a strong urge to start all over again once the page was almost finished (and I might have actually done it if I had remembered that I was staring at an image of PASTEL ON VELLUM the whole time!!!). But instead I figured I could always do another take on it some other time, just like I did last time!

Now… I desperately want to see which museum piece my partner in crime has chosen for this Inspired by and more importantly what she’s created with that work of art in mind!

Click here to see it for yourself: Riikka’s Inspired by: Rijksmuseum