(Do not) Touch


We walked part of the ArtZuid sculpture route this morning.

It’s quite amazing, all these works of art on display in the middle of a beautiful Amsterdam neighbourhood.

You can get so close you can (almost) touch them. And I totally would have, if it weren’t for all the signs that tell you to NOT touch the sculptures.

The August Break 2013



That’s exactly where I’ve been these past two days: at home. Tucked away in my craft room, while Harold is painting our shed’s door. Or trimming the climbing hydrangea. Or whatever he does with his free time…

The August Break 2013

Far away


Today we drove all the way to Hilvarenbeek for a fun day at the Beekse Bergen safari park with friends.

Most of the animals were too far away to be captured with my phone and even Tess, who was asked to assist the guide during one of the safari rides, was too far away to be in focus…

Ah, well.

The August Break 2013



Yesterday was so filled with play (mostly top secret play involving paper, glue and glitters), that I forgot about the #leftovergrams. They will follow shortly!

The August Break 2013



From Antwerp with love!

Had a lovely day, bought new red shoes at my favourite shoe store*, ate wonderful food and walked quite a distance.

Will share the #leftovergrams tomorrow!

* Not red… I just couldn’t justify another pair of red shoes. Not even for this post!

The August Break 2013