140310 Amersfoort


My Mondays have been surprisingly photogenic lately…

Yesterday Liesbeth came over and we went for a long walk through the neighbourhood and the city centre.

We had lunch at a terrace, soaking up as much sun as possible.

I can’t believe the beautiful weather we’re experiencing right now!

140217 Antwerp


On Monday morning I took the train to Antwerp. Klari was waiting for me at the top of the stairs.


We wandered the city with regular coffee intervals.


The weather was beautiful. We even had one of our coffees at a cafe terrace!

We stumbled upon a couple of remarkable shops, stood at the zoo gate (and decided not to go in), saw lots of people in Jewish attire and admired beautiful Art Nouveau buildings.

It was extremely quiet, even in the city centre, where we headed after I took that last photograph in Zurenborg.

Harold joined us in the evening and after dinner it was time to head back home (because Tuesday was a regular work day for all of us…). But what an extraordinary start of the week!

131124 Antwerp



Did a little bit of shopping, but steered clear of the busy shopping streets for the most part. Found quite a few hidden gems. Closed the day with a delicious Moroccan feast at Fez. Had a really good day!

I’ve a feeling we’re not in NYC anymore


… and unfortunately not in New Jersey either.

We came back early Thursday morning from a fun filled week in New York. Real life will start again tomorrow. I will try and get back with more photos (and stories) in the upcoming week, but I’ve got a couple of crafty assignments coming up too. So we’ll see how it goes…

(Do not) Touch


We walked part of the ArtZuid sculpture route this morning.

It’s quite amazing, all these works of art on display in the middle of a beautiful Amsterdam neighbourhood.

You can get so close you can (almost) touch them. And I totally would have, if it weren’t for all the signs that tell you to NOT touch the sculptures.

The August Break 2013