Scrap Around The World – Epic Event


Scrap Around the World is celebrating it’s first birthday this month with an Epic Event. Scrap365 is one of the event sponsors and Helen invited some of the Scrap365 team members to play along!

This festive mood board served as the jumping off point:

H11 NOV 2013 A SATW MOOD BOARD 1 - MAY 2014

I was inspired by the photo collage, the colours, the text, the gold glitter on the balloons, the little hearts on the macarons, the gift wrap and the yellow bakers twine.

The layout is about celebrating the little things in life whenever you get the chance.

There are awesome prizes up for grabs during this Epic Event, so be sure to join in the fun at Scrap Around The World!

Calm + Dream (OLW #80/81)

There are not one, but two new words up on the One Little Word blog today. To celebrate we have amazing prize packs for four random winners, who will be selected for playing along with us this word up. You can pick CALM, DREAM, or both. Find out more about the prize packs and how to participate on the OLW blog!

One of the prize packs includes the April/May issue of Scrap365 magazine, kindly provided by Traplet Publications:


This is a very special issue for me, because one of my lay-outs made the cover! It’s the tiny green one at the top, just above my friend Riikka’s red one!

Back to the word up(s)… Here are my contributions:


Art journals are the perfect place to talk some sense into yourself!

And although art journals are a good place to DREAM too, once there is a photo involved I usually end up with a scrapbook page…


Now head on over to the OLW blog, look at the wonderful variety of projects the team has created and show us what the words CALM and DREAM inspire you to create! We would love to see!!! Good luck!

From the Scrap365 blog: Frozen


The crocuses are currently popping out of the ground in my front yard, so I’d better show you this page before this exceptionally early spring makes us forget about winter entirely.

I shared this page on the Scrap365 blog a couple of weeks ago. I initially created it for the winter gallery in the Dec 2013/Jan 2014 issue of Scrap365 magazine. I actually created two lay-outs for that gallery and the one I will show at the end of this post was published in the magazine.


You know how sometimes you remember something, but you dismiss it because it seems silly? Well, I’ve found proof that sometimes silly memories can be true: on this page I used a photo of my mom and me ice skating on the street.

At first I thought that maybe they flooded the street on purpose, but it turns out that wasn’t the case. Due to extreme weather the street actually froze over and we had a couple of days of ice skating fun right at our doorstep!

I have these memories sometimes… Memories that make me think the sun used to shine much brighter and that there were thick layers of snow every winter.

That it used to be normal to spent almost the entire summer in bikinis and that come wintertime it was possible to ice skate on the streets…

But then I realize that my brain is probably playing tricks on me: the weather has always been unpredictable and in winter it can always freeze as well as thaw.

Turns out that’s what happened in January 1979: severe frost was quickly followed by thaw over and over again. As a result glazed frost caused a thick layer of ice on the streets… Thick enough to skate on it!


If you would like to know what materials I used to create this page, please head on over to the Scrap365 blog!

And here’s the page that did make it into the magazine:


My December Daily was also published in the same issue, but I seriously don’t want to blog that right now… I’ve got spring on my mind! It will keep until the next holiday season, I’m sure… Or if you can’t wait: you can still pick up a copy of the December 2013/Januari 2014 issue in the Traplet Shop!

As seen in Scrap365 Oct/Nov 2013 | Vol. II


The Oct/Nov 2013 issue of Scrap365 was a Project Life special and I contributed the PL-spread shown here. It might come as a surprise to you that I even have a Project Life, as I have never shown any of it here.

The honest fact is, that I don’t really have one. What I mean by that is that I started with one in October 2012 and that I did a fairly decent job documenting my life until at least two months into 2013 and then I just gave up. So… I have all the photographs (printed AND in the assigned pockets), I have all the stories, the memorabilia, the special PL-supplies… But I do not have a finished album.

I really like the concept of Project Life and I really like the fact that it’s a place to live for all the bits and pieces that I collect. But the harsh reality is that it turned me into a hoarder of random stuff and that it’s just way more work to keep it up than I’m willing to invest.

That said… I really love this spread and I remember that when I completed it, I really was motivated to go on with the weeks that followed. I didn’t, but now that this spread has come home, I am tempted to finish at least a couple more. If I do, I will treat them as a ‘Week in the Life‘ and just add them to my regular albums.

I also have a bunch of pocketed page protectors left. Thankfully not a years supply though! I have vague plans for those… And I will fill you in about those plans, when the time comes!

(If you are not clear on what Project Life is, you can find out more about it here)

As seen in Scrap365 Oct/Nov 2013


Did you know that CSI: Color, Stories, Inspiration has special bi-monthly Scrap365 Case Files? You can find a brand new one for February 2014 in the current issue of Scrap365 and in addition it will go live today at the CSI website!

I was lucky enough to work with the October 2013 Scrap365 Case File. It was fun to look for (and find!) photos and supplies that matched the Scene, the Scheme, the Evidence and the Testimony. If you are wondering what I’m rambling about, you can definitely find out more at the CSI website and of course they’re also on Facebook.

The CSI challenges go further than just a colour scheme, a prompt or a product. It’s a total package and I enjoyed participating very much!

Back to Basics Blog Hop

Scrap365 is getting your scrapping New Year off to a flying start!

This month we are teaming up with Finnabair and her amazing DT from Mixed Media Place!


If you are new to scrapping it can be really overwhelming with the choice of products to use and the host of styles to emulate… The same could be said if you’re experienced!

So Scrap365 HQ has decided that 2014 is the year to get BACK to BASICS!! It doesn’t matter if you have been scrapping for ten years or ten days… You will be sure to learn something new along the way!

Finn has very kindly donated a marvellous prize to either add to your stash or to get you started:

MMP prize 1

MMP prize 2

Please check the Scrap365 blog for a chance to win!

Here’s a list of all participating blogs:




Marsha <- You are here!








return to Scrap365

Our January Blog Hop is all about layout principles. Ali found this fabulous prompt on Pinterest, courtesy of SuzyQ Scraps. It really sums up the beginnings of every layout:

I actually think I use several, if not all of these on every single page I make. I know these are design principles now, but I certainly didn’t know that when I started scrapbooking. Some of these tips I’ve always  applied naturally, without thinking about it much and others I have learned along the way.

For this blog hop I chose one of my favourite go-to layouts to work with: nr. 4 Works-Every-Time.

In the graphic it looks really plain and simple and it is! But you don’t have to stick to one photo/text underneath, although it’s a great way to start.

One step up is stacking the photo on some papers layers, roughly the same size as the photo or… you can do as I did here:


Create a block of paper (or paint!) in the middle of the page and then place your photo, text and other elements within that block. I swear it really does Work-Every-Time!

I hope you give it a try and I would love it if you link your page in the comments below so I can have a look!

Now hop along to Linda’s blog. I can’t wait to see what she has created!