A couple of days ago Harold and I had the chance to model for a group of professional photographers. The photo shoot was part of an introduction to Beloved photography by Florence Bavinck.

Harold and I have already seen a couple of sneak peaks on Facebook (here and here) and last night Hanneke Meier surprised us by sending her series to us by e-mail. So cool!!!


I was nervous before hand, but the shoot itself was quite relaxed and fun. Both Harold and I enjoyed it!

And here’s proof that we were definitely not alone:


You can view more of Hanneke’s beautiful photos on her blog!

If you would like to find out more about Beloved photography (in Dutch), I recommend you visit Florence’s website. And if you are interested in a photo shoot like this, I suggest you pick up a copy of Flair this week, because Florence is in there and there is a special discount for Flair-readers!

I cannot recommend it enough, it’s such a beautiful, fun, special, amazing gift you can give yourself as a couple or a family!

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