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Welcome to another episode of Inspired by! If you haven’t seen this before: Riikka and I challenge each other on a monthly basis to be Inspired by… something. That something can be anything, really… and we love to surprise ourselves and each other with the results!

Last time we were inspired by music and as music is a broad topic to draw inspiration from, we came up with another musical challenge: wedding music. To be more specific: the music that was played at our own weddings, because I’m sure my wedding music isn’t Riikka’s wedding music and well, it probably isn’t yours either!

I actually have a couple of songs that I associate with my wedding. I’ve written about two of them before: 150808: Het jawoord and I’ve sort of scrapped one of them. But there are even more songs… and almost 5 years later it’s high time that the stories behind these songs are scrapped:


We danced our opening (or first) dance to Fascination by Alphabeat. Do you remember that song?

Loose translation of the journaling: Harold and I both agreed that a super romantic song would make us feel awkward and stared at. We wanted to party and Fascination is such a happy, upbeat song: we thought it would be perfect for our opening dance.

I took the album cover of This is Alphabeat as a starting point. It’s just as happy and colourful as the music and if you scroll down to one of the posts I did earlier this month, you can see that it also goes very well with some of our wedding photos!

I adhered a print of the cover art to a sheet of cardstock and then covered it with a light coat of gesso and went on from there. I consciously chose the orange neon paint, because orange was one of our wedding colours and I added the black splatters to make it cohesive with the other wedding layout (and to balance the dark photos, of course). But for the most part I just wanted to make the page as fun as the song!

I’m very curious about Riikka’s wedding music… I’ve seen a sneak peak of the result and it involved lilac and gold! Go visit her at Paperiliitin!

Also: we would love to hear from you what music you associate with your wedding (or weddings in general). And if we’ve inspired you to make something after reading this post, attach a link to your art in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Inspired by: Wedding music

  1. Wat een gave lo! Het plezier spat eraf! Er zijn verschillende liedjes die me aan onze bruiloft doen denken: Liefde is een werkwoord van Guus Meeuwis, It’s not unusual van Tom Jones en Angels van Robbie Williams en op een twentse bruiloft hoort ook You never walk alone….

  2. I love it! Those sewn circles and the little yellow ones throught punchinella – ah! And the black splashes! Just awesome!

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