TIME TRAVELER | Online Class

Time Traveler - Online Workshop Kalbach Koopsen Valk

I’m beyond happy to announce I’m part of this very special workshop – Time Traveler!

I’m teaching along with my amazing friends Nathalie Kalbach and Birgit Koopsen in this three-week online workshop that goes on sale today and begins on August 17th.

Become a Time Traveler with us! With this course, Nat, Birgit and I will help guide you through space and time, finding inspiration from different eras in history.

Each teacher has chosen a time and will show you mixed media techniques and design motifs inspired by their modern take on that period.

The goal is to create three different handmade book projects using Gelli® plate printmaking techniques and favourite mixed media techniques unique to each teacher.

You will get three different artistic perspectives and oodles of fun and creative ideas to try.

Sign up TODAY for Early Bird pricing: Today, 5 through 8 August 11.59 EST this course is just $89 USD. From 9 to 17 August 11.59 EST Time Traveler will be $99 USD. And then, from 18 August the course will be its regular price of $139 USD.

Check out the promo video below:

Time Traveler will begin on 17 August and will run for three weeks, with a new video publishing each day.

There will be a total of 21 videos, over five hours of video in total, as well as supply lists and additional lesson content in the classroom to help you along the way.

All the videos are downloadable and available to you to enjoy at your own pace.

Here are some of the topics covered in this workshop:

  • Mixed Media techniques
  • Gelli Arts® gel plate printmaking techniques
  • Bookbinding techniques
  • Tips and tricks for translating inspiration into art
  • Creative ideas to take to all your artmaking, art journaling, cardmaking, and beyond!

Sign up HERE for this one-of-a-kind take on creating personal, expressive mixed media art in book form from three talented teachers.

Time Traveler - Online Workshop Kalbach Koopsen Valk

A to Z StencilGirl® Art Journal Collaboration & Challenge

StencilGirl® Products A to Z Collaboration and Challenge

Hi there! Hope you are doing well!

From about March until now I’ve worked my way through a handmade journal as part of the StencilGirl® Products A to Z Collaboration and Challenge organised by StencilGirl® columnist Tina Walker.

For this challenge, all of the participants were asked to fill a journal with an entry for each letter of the alphabet.

Marsha Valk StencilGirl® Products A to Z Collab and Challenge - B

The idea I had for this journal was inspired by a book that I read and loved about 15 years ago: ‘Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life’ by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.

I’ve kept a journal like it before years ago, in a small address book that I had accidentally purchased. I used to keep it in my bag to write down ‘random stuff’ per letter on my train commute to and from work.

A lot of it was overheard conversation, observations, small things that caught my eye or that were on my mind. Sometimes I added little sketches.

I wish I could have had all of that this time around, however, it turned into a home edition of an ‘A to Z of Ordinary Things’ due to you-know-what.

Marsha Valk StencilGirl® Products A to Z Collab and Challenge - M

As this was a collab for the StencilGirl® Talk Blog, the only stencils we were allowed to use were stencils by StencilGirl® Products. All of the other materials I used were my own choice.

Watch the video above for a quick flip through of the journal!

Tina’s column about the collab is up on the StencilGirl® Talk Blog today.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Marsha Valk StencilGirl® Products A to Z Collab and Challenge - V

Please note that I’m also a columnist for the StencilGirl® Talk Blog, so though I did not receive any compensation for participating in this collaboration, the majority of the stencils I used to fill the pages were previously given to me or purchased at a discount!

Creative Jumpstart 2020 | Jump, Jump!

I’m super excited to announce that I’ll be participating as an artist in Creative JumpStart (CJS) 2020 (aff. link)!

If you’re not familiar with CJS, it’s a one-of-a-kind online event run by Nathalie Kalbach to kick your creativity into high gear in January 2020.

You’ll learn techniques, discover new materials, and connect with other artists and crafters. 

Throughout January you will get access to a new video by one of the featured artists every day. I’m proud to be one of those artists, called ‘JumpStarters’, for the 7th time!

See for yourself:

Head on over to Nathalie’s website to sign up and for more details!

You get 31 downloadable videos – over 5 hours worth of video content –  for just 50 USD if you sign up before 31 December 2019.

However, you can save even more if you register during Cyber Week!

You can sign up until 6 December for 45 USD or, if you happen to catch this TODAY (2 December 2019) before 11:59 pm EST, it’s only 40 USD!

So what are you are waiting for?! Sign up here!

Join in #CJS20
Join CJS2020

The Stencilfied Journal 2019

Marsha Valk | The Stencilfied Journal 2019 - Prompt 5 Stairway To Heaven

The Stencilfied Journal is a 24-week StencilGirl® Collaboration Challenge hosted by the fab Tina Walker. Each Monday from January to June, Tina has revealed a song prompt for us to play with (using stencils by StencilGirl® Products).

Marsha Valk | The Stencilfied Journal 2019 - Prompt 6 Thank You

This round wasn’t as successful for me as the first round during the summer of last year. Which is a shame, because I use song lyrics in my art journal all the time and, I immensely enjoyed the six prompts I did end up doing!

Marsha Valk | The Stencilfied Journal 2019 - Prompt 7 Counting Blue Cars

I figure it has something to do with my schedule at the beginning of the year and the fact that song prompts require more (mental) steps than last year’s ‘doing, not thinking’ type prompts.

Marsha Valk | The Stencilfied Journal 2019 - Prompt 8 Beautiful

I may, or may not, do a couple more of the prompts. I’m certainly not abandoning this little journal. I still love the pocket size, and I want to see it filled to the brim just like last year’s!

Marsha Valk | The Stencilfied Journal 2019 - Prompt 10 Another Brick In The Wall

Tina has written up a farewell post on her blog, with some of the stunning pages the other participants created. Visit her here: The Stencilfied Journal 2019 – Tina Walker

Marsha Valk | The Stencilfied Journal 2019 - Prompt 11 Cat's In The Cradle

Please note that though I am a columnist for StencilGirl® Products, this is not a sponsored post. I participated in this collab because it’s fun and I think Tina is thebombdotcom!⠀

n*Studio | Hex Marks The Spot

It’s my turn on the n*Studio blog today! Which means that it’s time to share last month’s project with you here.

Hex Marks The Spot

Last month Nat’s Creative Squad was asked to use the Hex Set Large rubber stamps and, to think about what we treasure.

You can read the story behind this page and, a step-by-step description of how I made it here on Nathalie’s blog: Hex Marks The Spot – Marsha Valk

Food For Thought

While you’re there you may also want to have a look at my lighthearted take on this month’s prompt: Food For Thought – Marsha Valk