Something new!

How are you?!

If you’re reading this, you’ve once opted to receive an email or a notification whenever I post something new on my blog or website,

You’ve been following me for a long time. However, you probably haven’t heard from me in a while because I haven’t been blogging.

Instead, I’ve been pouring all my energy into Instagram, trying to post consistently and growing my account. 

In February 2021, I started posting what I call ‘mini vlogs‘. I posted a new one each day for 100 days, then switched to twice a week, then to random weeks, and eventually, I posted the last one in October 2022.

I’ve wanted to return to creating mini vlogs; however, we all know that Instagram is ever-changing. As has my joy in spending time on the app. 

So I recently started uploading new mini vlogs to my YouTube channel instead. And in addition, I started something new: A Substack.

Substack is a platform for newsletters/blogs. You can now read my posts on my website, on the Substack website, in the Substack app, or (you might be interested in this option:) I can send each new post directly to your email inbox.

I’m currently sending out a new VLOGletter each Monday and Friday.

In my imagination, it’s a mix of my blog before Instagram and Instagram before Reels, but in the form of a newsletter.

I will try to include a little video in each post; however, it’s also the place where I can tell you more about what you see in the video, what I’m working on off-camera, what I’m enjoying, what I’m reading or watching and where I can keep you in the loop of new video tutorials, new classes and other news I might have.

If this sounds like something you don’t want to miss, hit that subscribe button above!

If you are interested in just the mini vlogs without my musings, you can choose to subscribe to the YouTube channel:

I would love to see you there!


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