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Here it is again: your monthly dose of Inspired by!

If you haven’t seen this before: Riikka and I challenge each other each month to be Inspired by… something. That something can be anything, really… and we love to surprise ourselves and each other with the results!

This time the source was a no brainer: it’s Do Berlin, a song from Wende Snijders’ latest album Last Resistance.

I’ve had Last Resistance on high rotation ever since it came out and even though I sometimes feel our music preferences are worlds apart, I instantly knew Riikka would love it too.

Each of the songs on this album is a possible source of inspiration, but Do Berlin was the only one available through YouTube at the time we talked about this Inspired by, so that’s the track we decided to go with:

The song obviously isn’t about Berlin at all. It just comes into play as a metaphor. But the city does have a big role in the video and the Last Resistance album was recorded in Berlin, so I decided to just go with the Berlin aspect. And that made things extremely easy for me…

I’ve visited Berlin a couple of times. Last year I went there with my friend Liesbeth. She shot some amazing photographs during the trip and there is one that I particularly love of me walking in front of a remaining piece of the Berlin wall at the East Side Gallery.

And that’s all I needed to complete the challenge…

Berlin + wall + the cadence of the song reminds me of walking + me visiting Berlin over and over again =


My initial idea was to keep things grungy black and white like the video, but then I felt the photo called for a touch more colour. And as this all came together soooo easy anyway, I thought I’d try one of Riikka’s techniques for the background. It turned out really vibrant and awesome! I’m extremely happy with the result!

Time to see what Riikka has created with this wonderful song in mind! Go here to visit her Inspired by-post!

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  1. Oh I love this! Love the blue (of course), love the background work, love the little triangels, love the photo and love how you interpret the challenge! <3

    Thank you for playing with me!

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